Duval Street residence is one in series of Alle Flat Projects to bring new, sustainable, green and affordable housing alternatives to Austin, TX. http://thealleyflatinitiative.org

The house was designed by Rich MacMath and built by Z Works Design Build.

Thoughts from the owner after moving in:

“Rich and Zaman: 

Giving thanks at this time of year, must include thanking you both for giving us 850 sq feet of wonderful house.  Mack and Prine have been living there for a few months now and we continue to marvel at the magic you pulled off in creating a living space that somehow lifts the spirits as soon as you enter.  I have spent time lying on Mack’s couch and looking up at the elegant lofty space…and Zaman’s beautiful craftsman. It’s so much more than I had a right to expect.  Mack and Prine are continually remarking on the ease and comfort of living there.  Everyone who visits is immediately wide eyed and enthusiastic about the house.  You guys created so much more than a building.  You have enriched the lives of Mack and Prine (and me by extention) and all that will inhabit it after us. And as far as a construction project, I want you to know that in every way, from the  inspired design, the quality of the workmanship, and the practical functioning of everything, we could not be happier. The only thing that was less than we expected was the cost. I still don’t know how we got such quality windows and fixtures for the price, not to mention the rest of it.  I will be ever grateful for Zaman’s ingenuity in finding the most reasonable ways to do things and his integrity in billing. We truly got more than we paid for. From a business standpoint you get four stars in my book.  The Alley Flat project has proved to be one of the best moves I ever made. We would love to have you guys stop by anytime to see how the house is being lived in.
 Happy holidays to you and yours and may the new year be a great one for you, your families, everyone at Zwerks and everyone at the Alley Flat Project.

Thanks again,David, Mack and Prine. “