We believe in cooperation rather than competition. With fifteen years of experience in green building materials and methods we are happy to share our thoughts and ideas with other architects, designers, and builders.

15 years ago it was sometimes a struggle to explain to clients why they should use greener sustainable materials, but now that the idea has gained traction, some things look more green that they actually are. Asking questions is a good idea.

Generally, we like to encourage anyone taking a small step towards building green. A small step is better than no step at all. Building green doesn’t always cost more. The cost of any investment has to be examined from life cycle point. One has to ask questions like what is the price for being able to breath clean air or drink pure rainwater and be able to leave the same for our future generations?

We provide initial consultation free of charge. Subsequent meetings and the fees are based on a project by project basis.   Hope to be talking to you soon!

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