In order to preserve and maintain our architectural design ideas we also provide turn key construction services. This includes the complete construction from site development to interior finishings. This process allows for a smooth transition from drawing board to construction site avoiding miscommunication between architects and builders. One other advantage of this Design/Build method is cost containment. Early in the design phase we rely on our experience to accurately reflect a buildings budget on the details of the drawings. Later during construction we are able to maintain the cost of construction within the specified budget. Thus, a single entity is responsible for design and delivery of a building according to the program and budget.
We recycle and reuse all construction materials that are most times considered waste. In order to encourage this idea we do not store a large dumpster at a construction site. We carry this idea of reuse and recycle from design to construction stage. For instance, the roof supports for the overhang shown in the photograph below were made from salvaged I-beams. Each I-beam was cut diagonally to produce two
pieces and then fabricated on site, holes cut and backs welded. The brackets were then hot dip galvanized off site. After 10 years of service they still look new without any maintenance.

These two pictures below shows how the ICF walls were cut in an angle on one end of the house and then the other half of the angle cut was used on the other side of the house reducing the waste of the pricy ICF blocks to zero.

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  1. Melanie Ellis says:

    I was raised in a very Green household in the 80s/90s before it was a trend. I recently heard of ICF and am just thrilled to bits that this option exists! We are thinking of building a custom home in the Georgetown area and would love to get more information on the subject.

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