Bouldin Residence – This green home in Austin, Texas earned a 5 Star Rating from Austin Energy Green Building Program.

The home has a very distinctive design that fits into the shape of the lot. The windows open towards beautiful views of downtown Austin. Recycled barn siding gives the home its distinctive look.

These features contributed to the high score of the 5 Star Rating:

-100% of the steel used for the structural system is recycled, some directly reused from old factories and warehouses.

 -Salvaged heavy timber old barn beams.

 -Reused steel trusses from an old Texas turkey barn and recycled steel decking.

-ICF made from 86% recycled material combined with 12″ solid concrete wall used as retaining wall.

-Recycled wood in framing and finger joint wood in stud walls plus all roof framing engineered wood.

-Reused spiral steel stairs, reborn railings from an old building.

 -All wood siding is salvaged and used as a rainscreen to vent hot air. The pine siding was sealed/finished by charring the surface.

-Salvaged exterior doors and front door have a new life in this home.

-Recycled and refurbished electrical fixtures.

-All kitchen cabinets are old furniture and countertops are made from salvaged laminated beams.

 -Salvaged wood beam bar in kitchen

 -Ample daylight reaches the home even with its nestled siting amongst the tree.

-16,000 gallon rainwater cistern is tied to the metal roof.




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