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To briefly introduce myself:

My name is Zaman and I am an architect. My company, Z Works Design/Build, is a full service in-house architectural design and construction company. Most of our projects over the years have been residential homes. We have worked on commercial projects also. We specialize in sustainable materials and methods of construction and are available for green design and building consultation for sustainable projects.

In 1992 I graduated from University of Texas with a degree in Architecture. I got married and we had a baby. This led me to design a house for my family. During the design phase, I visited a green living fair in Austin, TX and discovered new sustainable building materials which I immediately incorporated into my plans for our house. The construction phase of the house was intense with ample opportunities for hands on experience. I believe we had only three outside sub contractors, otherwise the house was built by me and my wife. We moved into our new house in 1998. The experience of building and living in the house made of green materials strengthened my conviction that sustainable materials is the way to go. My goal is to continuously find out about new green products and use them in designs for our clients. Over the years we have installed many rainwater harvesting systems and solar panels in the Texas Hill Country.

We design houses keeping in mind the client’s needs. The climate and the site are the other two guiding elements. Most of the houses have used ICF and SIPs, but we are always open to using any other materials that a client may prefer. The idea is that one step towards green is better than no step at all. We think sustainability is about planning for the future, minimizing the impact of what ever it is that we do on the earth so that our children will have as wonderful a place to live as we do and better. Not only do we want to minimize the impact on resources by selecting construction materials and methods carefully, but also by considering the energy efficiency and maintenance of the house in the long-term.

In 2002 we joined the Austin Energy Green Building Program. The program has provided us with lot of new information and contacts. Their rating system has helped us to focus on what is important in a house in order to make it sustainable. Our houses have consistently rated high, 4 and 5 stars.

Z Works Design Build is now doing two or three projects a year. I personally oversee all of them. Most design work is preferably done during the hot Texas months of July and August. The construction can then go on during the cooler part of the year.

My family now lives in a house made of SIPs and ICF with a full rainwater collection system in the beautiful Texas Hill Country between Bee Cave and Dripping Springs. We are now a family of four with two cats and that pure rainwater keeps us content throughout the year.

Again, thank you for your interest. I’d be happy to discuss your future project with you.

Khair Zaman, architect, AIA

512-554-4664 mobile

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  1. Zaman,

    I am the president of GeoFaze LLC. We manufacture structural insulated panels (SIPs) in Kerrville, TX. I see you have worked with ICFs. We work with many ICF builders to provide roof panels for their projects.

    Let me know if have any projects you are working on that might benefit from SIPs.


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